Dental Implants in India can help you improve your smile

Many people are affected with various problems that disfigure the teeth and are thus worried about their appearance and hence lack confidence. Fortunately, dentistry has developed so much that all such problems can be solved. Even teeth that are broken and cracked can be changed to look whole and healthy.

One of the most important procedures that is used extensively today is what is known as dental implant procedures. A dental implant is a prosthetic device that a dentist or a periodontist places as a replacement for a missing tooth. Unlike dentures which are removable, implants last for a much longer period of time. The procedure is quite simple. The first step is known as jaw preparation during which a small hole is drilled in the jaw. Then the implant is placed so that it takes the place of the tooth. Thus cosmetically it is a procedure that makes the tooth appear normal without any deformity on the surface and it makes the smile more beautiful. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, functionally also it takes the place of the missing tooth and thus reduces the stress on the other teeth.


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Dental implants in India are gaining importance day by day. There are many specialised dental clinics that offer many types of implants. Most implants are very expensive and one of the best things is that today they are becoming more affordable. For teeth that are small and for incisors, mini implants can be much more affordable than the more expensive traditional implants. They are smaller than usual implants and are mainly composed of titanium which is not affected by periodontal diseases. Since they are small they cause very little damage to the bone and soft tissues and thus have a shorter healing time.

Another way of finding affordable dental implants is by going to a dental college for treatment. Students who are nearing the end of their training perform implants under the supervision of their tutor. For a usually expensive procedure like an implant this method works out cheaper as the students need to train on willing patients and this is thus much cheaper than going to a dental clinic where the procedure is the same. Thus when dental implants are necessary it is always possible to find such cheaper options which perform the same function. Getting a dental implant is thus an easy and affordable procedure today.