Oral care specifics of dental implants in Mumbai

Dental Implants have changed the face of cosmetic and regular dentistry over the last 25 years. The practice requires special planning, skill and technological advancement. So what exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants India are titanium posts (like tooth root) which are surgically placed into the jawbone beneath the gum line. Dental implants are basically replacement tooth roots. They provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth, which are surgically placed. The crown of implants is what is visible and is covered in enamel coating to make it appear like a real tooth.

Dental implants are a fashionable and an efficient way to replace missing teeth that are intended to blend in with your original teeth. Since the discovery of the process of ‘osseointegration’ of titanium and bone, sophisticated and lasting dental implants have been developed and the reputation of Dental implants India has been increasing over the years. The process, with its respective parts and tools has become the fastest growing area in dentistry.

Fundamentally, this entire process runs on the simple principle of restoring the root of a lost tooth with a tiny titanium screw. This screw forms the base of the treatment on which we fix the fake tooth or the enamel and it is also called as a dental crown because of its visibility. On the other hand, the tiny titanium in the screw creates a symbiotic bond with the jawbone, and over a time, it gives a lasting solution to the problem. Dentist Mumbai form an integral part of dentistry and contribute to as much as 43% of the total dental procedures.

There are many known advantages of getting a dental implant treatment. The crown used in dental implants looks and feels like your own. Since they are made to integrate with your bone, they are long lasting and permanent. Dental implants in Andheri and other areas also make your speech clear as it avoids tooth slipping on your tongue. Dentures often tend to slip but implants always stay in place and with periodic adjustments, these can last a lifetime. They also help you to maintain a better smile and hold your mouth shape in place.

There are tons of people who have already undergone this treatment and if you need to do it any time, you can take a firsthand opinion from them. Partials and dentures are increasingly become less desirable, as patients want to stop bone loss, chew better, have stable teeth, look great, and feel their

teeth are secure. Dental implants in India earlier would take up to 9 months to heal but with advancement in technology, this scenario has changed and you can now get implants in your lunch break and it heals in as short as a week’s time.